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Social Media Marketing

We firmly believe every medical provider, billing, supply business needs certain social media accounts. We recommend having a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. Social media sites are a new form of direct marketing and it will allow for more exposure for your medical services.

We can help set you up for social media so your branding is consistent throughout all three websites (Your main website, Facebook and Twitter). We also provide Automated Twitter and Facebook posting based on relevant news from your specific practice or your specfic products/services. If you would rather have specific posts that you would like to add to Social Media, we can also maintain your social media sites with web content that will fit your message or particular services. Social Media will also give your business another tool for building relationships, promoting your brand, and managing your business branding. And it will increase your search engine exposure with additional search links that can drive customers to your business.

We can manage your social media accounts or we can also setup automated Facebook and Twitter feeds from your industry sources. That way your content stays fresh with informative articles on all social media sites.

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