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Micro-site marketing is a great way to attract new clients by targeting specific medical needs to your medical practice. You can think of a micro-site as a compact magazine or one-page ad.

Creating a Micro-site campaign lets your medical practice branch out from your main web site. And teamed with an online ad campaign, the micro-site will precisely target the audience your practice needs to reach. Whether you are promoting a new procedure like balloon sinuplasty or a new medical supply product, you can target specific online search. Multiple Micro-sites will give you the ability to show specific features of your medical practice, medical supplies or medical billing office.

A Micro-site can even target a specific geographic area that would benefit the most from your marketing. The Micro-site will be setup with specific targeted keywords and be focused on one or two topics. This can generate new leads and with social media sharing can get the word out quicker than just running an ad.

The Micro-site in turn will help new clients discover your main site which is more detailed and has a lot more information about your practice and services. They also will expand your web presence since you will have more than one domain showing in searches. Since they are smaller than your main website the cost to implement is also less expensive than traditional full websites and can even be cheaper than adding into your current website.

We create an engaging and friendly UI targeted to your audience. Picture a user interface that seamlessly integrates with your brand and messaging. We choose the best tools that will help you to achieve your goals. We leverage the latest open source and standards-compliant technologies to keep your investment current and compatible for years to come.

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