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Medical Website Design

The best designs for your health service business.

Website Design for Your Medical Services

Medical Website Design is another way to brand your practice. Today it's not just about opening a location, yellow page type marketing has shifted to the internet. Your practice, billing or supply company needs a location on the internet with mobile friendly design that works with today's computers, tablets and phones.

If you already have a website ask yourself these questions: Are clients able to view your website on a tablet or phone? Do you get compliments from the design? Is your website performing properly? Does your website use old Flash code or technology that doesnt work with most of today's products? If you are unsure about any of these answers contact us today. We can re-design your website using the latest technologies and brand your website to your business for a professional looking brand that your clients will appreciate. Your future patients will find it easier to find your practice, billing or supply business using any device.

Medical Website Development

All of our work is done in-house and we have over 15 years of experience in the medical field working with insurers and providers. We follow standard web practices to give you the latest platform for your service business. Your website will be searchable in major search engines which will assist you in gaining future clients. We keep our websites lean and fast which means quick loading to your clients. Faster loading websites also perform better in search results. Images are scaled down also for faster page load times.

Mobile and Tablet Versions

Unlike other firms who charge extra for mobile-friendly websites, all of our medical websites are mobile friendly. The websites will automatically size based on the device that is being used to view the website. So whether you are on a phone, tablet or computer a client will get a great user experience. We believe no business should be without a mobile-friendly site. Google believes the same thing, as of April 21, 2015, if your business website is not mobile-friendly your business ranking in search engines will decrease which means you could lose business. All of the major search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing rank mobile-friendly websites higher than those that are not mobile-friendly.

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